Agent rules

Be responsible:  It is a responsibility to treat every person you meet as the most important person you will ever meet, a client is to treasure and not just someone seasonal.

Be Fair:  Be a team player and be a helper, be hones and reliable, a trusted partner and a friend but also an individual.  Begin the search of truth with a neutral mind.

Be honest:  Do not plagiarize.  Quote properly.  Do not fabricate.  Be true to yourself.

Be accurate:  Accuracy is sometimes more than just a question of getting the facts right.

Be independent:  Do not compromise journalistic independence, journalistic ethics or objectivity in the reporting task at hand.

Maximize harm:  Look beyond the likely impacts of each story, keeping alert to identify and respond to any unintended of undesirable consequences the story may hold in the shadows.

Be accountable:  Admit mistakes and publicize prompt correction.



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